Gaussian packet pre-stack depth migration of the Marmousi data set

Karel Zacek


We present the first complete 2-D acoustic numerical examples of a brand new imaging method operating in the common-shot domain -- the Gaussian packet pre-stack depth migration. We test our method on the Marmousi data set (Versteeg & Grau, 1991).

The main advantage over the methods based on Gaussian beams consists in a direct relation between the regions in the common–shot gather and corresponding regions in the migrated section. Thus, the Gaussian packet pre-stack depth migration is especially suitable for a target-oriented imaging.

Whole paper

The reprint is available in PostScript (770 kB), GZIPped PostScript (288 kB) and PDF (488 kB).

Expanded Abstracts of 75th Annual Meeting (Houston), pp. 1822-1825, Soc. Explor. Geophysicists, Tulsa, 2005.
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