Transformation relations for second-order derivatives of travel time in anisotropic media

Vlastislav Cerveny & Ludek Klimes


In the computation of paraxial travel times and Gaussian beams, the basic role is played by the second-order derivatives of the travel-time field at the reference ray. These derivatives can be determined by dynamic ray tracing (DRT) along the ray. Two basic DRT systems have been broadly used in applications: the DRT system in Cartesian coordinates and the DRT system in ray-centred coordinates. In this paper, the transformation relations between the second-order derivatives of the travel-time field in Cartesian and ray-centred coordinates are derived. These transformation relations can be used both in isotropic and anisotropic media, including computations of complex-valued travel times necessary for the evaluation of Gaussian beams.


Paraxial travel times, paraxial approximation of the displacementvector, Gaussian beams, dynamic ray tracing, second-order travel-time derivatives.

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Stud. geophys. geod., 54 (2010), 257-267.
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