Seismogram improvement using the Born aproximation

Libor Sachl


FORTRAN 77 program for computation of the Born aproximation of the first order in inhomogenous isotropic medium without attenuation and dissipation has been coded. Several numerical examples were computed. Here is presented just one of them. The unperturbed model is a homogenous model without interface. The perturbed model has one horizontal interface, it is a model with two homogenous layers. There is only a direct wave in the unperturbed medium, but there is a direct as well as a reflected wave in the perturbed medium. The aim is to regain this lacking information lost by the use of the unperturbed medium. The reference solution is the seismogram computed in the perturbed model using the ray theory.

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In: Extended Abstracts of 73rd EAGE Conference (Vienna), Eur. Assoc. Geoscientists & Engr., Houten, 2011, ISBN 978-90-73834-12-5, SP39 (3 pp.).