Kirchhoff prestack depth migration in 3-D simple models: comparison of triclinic anisotropy with simpler anisotropies

Vaclav Bucha


We use Kirchhoff prestack depth migration to calculate migrated sections in 3-D simple anisotropic homogeneous velocity models in order to demonstrate the impact of anisotropy on migrated images. The recorded wave field is generated in models composed of two homogeneous layers separated by one either non-inclined or inclined curved interface. The anisotropy in the upper layer is triclinic. We apply Kirchhoff prestack depth migration to velocity models with different types of anisotropy: a triclinic anisotropic medium, an isotropic medium, transversely isotropic media with a horizontal (HTI) and vertical (VTI) symmetry axis. We observe asymmetry in migration caused by triclinic anisotropy and we show the errors of the migrated interface caused by inaccurate velocity models used for migration. The study is limited to P-waves.


3-D Kirchhoff prestack depth migration, anisotropic velocity model

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Stud. geophys. geod., 56 (2012), 533-552.