Comparison of ray-theory synthetic seismograms with finite differences in 2D velocity model UNCONFORMITY

Ludek Klimes


Synthetic seismograms for an explosive point source in 2-D elastic velocity model UNCONFORMITY are calculated by a 3-D ray method and by 2-D finite differences followed by an approximate conversion from a line source to a point source. The demonstrated differences between 3-D ray-theory seismograms and converted 2-D finite-difference seismograms are discussed in detail.


Velocity model, elastic waves, synthetic seismograms, ray theory, finite differences.

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Note that the paper was printed without proofs in the Journal of Seismic Exploration, and the PDF reprint distributed by the Journal of Seismic Exploration is equally incorrect. The incorrect version without proofs can simply be identified as "accepted January 4, 2121".

J. seism. Explor., 30 (2021), 271-279.