Full waveform inversion based on an asymptotic solution of Helmholtz equation

Maxim Protasov, Kirill Gadylshin, Dmitry Neklyudov & Ludek Klimes


This study considers the full waveform inversion (FWI) method based on the asymptotic solution of the Helmholtz equation. We provide frequency-dependent ray tracing to obtain the wave field used to compute the FWI gradient and calculate the modeled data. With a comparable quality of the inverse problem solution as applied to the standard finite difference approach, the speed of the calculations in the asymptotic method is an order of magnitude higher. A series of numerical experiments demonstrate the approach's effectiveness in reconstructing the macro velocity structure of complex media for low frequencies.


Full waveform inversion, asymptotic, frequency-dependent rays, Helmholtz equation.

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Geosciences, 13 (2023), 19 (13 pp.) (DOI 10.3390/geosciences13010019).