Accuracy of ray theoretical seismograms

Vlastislav Cerveny


Theoretical seismograms computed by the ray method with certain modifications in the critical region are compared with theoretical seismograms computed by more exact methods (the reflectivity method). It is shown that the ray method with some simple modifications gives qualitatively satisfactory results for a broad class of models of media, even in certain singular regions (such as critical regions, the neighbourhood of caustics, the half-shadow, etc). Poor results are obtained for some non-ray waves. It would be possible, however, to use some modifications of the ray method (such as the ray method with a complex eikonal) even for certain non-ray waves and to include these waves into ray theoretical seismograms.


Ray theoretical seismograms, accuracy of ray method, modifications of ray method.

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J. Geophys., 46 (1979), 135-149.
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