Ray amplitudes of seismic body waves in laterally inhomogeneous media

Vlastislav Cerveny & Ivan Psencik


The most complicated part in the computation of ray amplitudes of seismic body waves in laterally inhomogeneous media with curved interfaces lies in the evaluation of the geometrical spreading. Geometrical spreading can be simply expressed in terms of the Jacobian J of the transformation from the Cartesian into ray coordinates. Several systems of ordinary differential equations to compute the function J are suggested. For general three-dimensional media, in which the velocity changes with all the three spatial coordinates, a system of three non-linear ordinary differential equations of the first order is derived. If the velocity does not depend on one coordinate, the system of equations reduces to only one non-linear differential equation. The initial conditions for these differential equations at point (or line) source and at points of intersection of the ray with curved interfaces are presented.

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Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc., 57 (1979), 91-106.
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