Synthetic body wave seismograms for three-dimensional laterally varying media

Vlastislav Cerveny & Ludek Klimes


Two methods of computing body wave synthetic seismograms in three-dimensional laterally varying media are discussed. Both these methods are based on the summation of Gaussian beams. In the first, the initial beam parameters are chosen at the source, in the second at the beam endpoints. Both these variants eliminate the ray method singularities. The expansion of the wavefield into plane waves may be considered as the limiting case of the first approach and the Chapman-Maslov method as the limiting case of the second approach. Computer algorithms are briefly described and numerical examples presented. In the first numerical example, the comparisons of the two approaches, based on summing Gaussian beams, with the reflectivity method indicate that the computed synthetic seismograms are satisfactorily accurate even in the caustic region. The next example suggests that the two methods discussed can be simply and effectively applied to 3-D laterally inhomogeneous structures.

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Geophys. J. R. astr. Soc., 79 (1984), 119-133.
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