Numerical modelling of seismic wave fields in models containing stacks of thin layers

Dana Töpferova & Vlastislav Cerveny


The possibilities of numerical modelling of high-frequency seismic wave fields in laterally varying layered structures containing stacks of thin layers are discussed. It is shown that the hybrid code based on the combination of the Gaussian beam summation method and of the matrix method (Thompson-Haskell, or other) may be very suitable for this purpose. The Gaussian beam summation method is applied to thick smooth layers and the matrix method is locally applied to stacks of thin layers. Numerical examples for a simplified model of a transition layer between two halfspaces are shown. Certain interesting properties of waves reflected from a single interface and from a transition layer are discussed from the seismological point of view. Considerable attention is devoted to converted reflected waves.

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Stud. geophys. geod., 31 (1987), 344-358.
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