Ray-Born synthetic seismograms for complex structures containing scatterers

Vlastislav Cerveny & Anastasia Coppoli D.M.


The hybrid method based on a combination of the ray theory with the Born approximation can be used to compute synthetic seismograms in complex, laterally varying layered structures containing small scatterers. The scatterers can be combined to form objects of a complex shape. The wave field in the background, laterally varying layered structure is computed by the ray method and the single scattered wave field by the Born approximation. A computer program package designed for such hybrid ray-Born computations in 2-D models is briefly described and numerical applications are presented. The ray-Born numerical modelling of seismic wave fields extends the possibilities of ray modelling considerably.


Ray method, Born approximation, hybrid ray-Born method, scattering of seismic waves

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Journal of Seismic Exploration, 1 (1992), 191-206.
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