SH-wave Green tensor for homogeneous transversely isotropic media by higher-order approximations in asymptotic ray theory

Vaclav Vavrycuk & Kiyoshi Yomogida


Tensor equations of the ray theory for homogeneous anisotropic elastic media are presented. For a point source, an explicit solution of the transport equation is obtained, thus the additional as well as principal components of the ray amplitudes for higher-order ray approximations are expressed only by differential operators of lower-order terms. Possibility of analytical calculation of higher-order approximations is exemplified for SH waves in a transversely isotropic medium. The ray series of the SH-wave Green tensor for the transversely isotropic medium involves only two non-zero terms and the complete ray solution coincides with an exact solution obtained by other complicated procedures.

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Wave Motion, 23 (1996), 83-93.
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