Elastodynamic and elastostatic Green tensors for homogeneous weak transversely isotropic media

Vaclav Vavrycuk


An explicit analytical formula for the complete elastodynamic Green tensor for homogeneous unbounded weak transversely isotropic media is presented. The formula was derived by analytical calculations of higher-order approximations of the ray series. The ray series is finite and consists of seven non-zero terms. The formula for the Green tensor is complete and correct for the whole frequency range, thus it describes correctly the wavefield at all distances and at all directions including the shear-wave singularity direction. The Green tensor consists of P, SV and SH far-field waves and four coupling waves. Three of them couple P and SV waves, and the fourth wave couples the SV and SH waves. The P-SV coupling waves behave similarly to the near-field waves in isotropy. However, the SV-SH coupling wave, which is called 'shear-wave coupling', behaves exceptionally and it has no analogy in the Green tensor for isotropy. The formula for the elastostatic Green tensor is also derived.


Anisotropy, Green tensor, perturbation methods, ray theory, shear-wave coupling, shear-wave splitting.

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Geophys. J. int., 130 (1997), 786-800.
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