Interpolation within ray cells

Petr Bulant and Ludek Klimes


3-D ray tracing followed by interpolation of the computed quantities between the rays is a powerful tool for computation of ray-theory travel times, amplitudes and other quantities at the gridpoints of dense rectangular grids. Several methods based on the decomposition of the model volume into ray cells, and on further interpolation within the individual ray cells, have recently been introduced. We propose and mutually compare bilinear and bicubic interpolation schemes, which should be applicable in any modelling method based on interpolation within ray cells. The bicubic interpolation is designed for travel times and the bilinear interpolation for other quantities.

Whole expanded abstract

The expanded abstract is available in PostScript (531 kB) and GZIPped PostScript (103 kB).

Related full paper

Bulant, P. & Klimes, L.: Interpolation of ray theory traveltimes within ray cells. Geophysical Journal International, 139 (1999), 273-282.

Expanded Abstracts of 69th Annual Meeting (Houston), pp. 1755-1758, Soc. Exploration Geophysicists, Tulsa, 1999.
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