Ray methods in the modelling of seismic wave fields

Ivan Psencik , Petr Bulant , Vlastislav Cerveny & Ludek Klimes


Seismic ray method has broad applications in the numerical modelling of seismic wave fields and in the solution of forward and inverse problems of seismology and seismic exploration for oil. This contribution outlines basic features of the seismic ray method, and reviews its possibilities. It also shows which areas of the seismic ray method are still open for further research.

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In: Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures, Report 11, pp. 203-210, Dep. Geophys., Charles Univ., Prague, 2001.
In: Expanded Abstracts of 7th Int. Congress of SBGf (Salvador), Brazilian Geophysical Society, 2001.
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