Tests of two-point paraxial traveltime formula in inhomogeneous anisotropic media

Umair bin Waheed, Vlastislav Cerveny, Einar Iversen and Ivan Psencik


On simple numerical examples, we study efficiency and accuracy of the two-point paraxial traveltime formula designed for applications in inhomogeneous anisotropic media. Although the formula may be used for general layered anisotropic media, we concentrate on 2D models of smoothly inhomogeneous media only. We start with isotropic models, in which we study effects of inhomogeneity, distance of the two points, between which the formula is applied, etc. on the accuracy and extent of its applicability. We illustrate efficiency of the formula on an experiment, in which we calculate traveltime perturbations caused by perturbations of the source and receivers locations. Similar tests are made for inhomogeneous, weakly anisotropic models.

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In: Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures, Report 22, pp. 113-127, Dep. Geophys., Charles Univ., Prague, 2012.