Kirchhoff prestack depth migration in triclinic velocity models with differently rotated tensors of elastic moduli

Vaclav Bucha


We use the Kirchhoff prestack depth migration to calculate migrated sections in simple anisotropic homogeneous velocity models in order to demonstrate the impact of rotation of the elasticity tensor on migrated images. The recorded P wave field is generated in models composed of two homogeneous layers separated by a non-inclined curved interface. The anisotropy of the upper layer is triclinic with various rotations of the tensor of elastic moduli. We apply the Kirchhoff prestack depth migration to single-layer velocity models with triclinic anisotropy with and without the rotation of the tensor of elastic moduli used during the calculation of synthetic seismograms. We show the errors of the migrated interface caused by incorrect velocity models used for migration.


3-D Kirchhoff prestack depth migration, anisotropic velocity model, rotation of the tensor of elastic moduli, triclinic anisotropy

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Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures, 24 (2014), 77-93 (ISSN 2336-3827, online at