Kirchhoff prestack depth scalar migration in a simple triclinic velocity model for three-component P, S and converted waves

Vaclav Bucha


We use 3-D ray-based Kirchhoff prestack depth scalar migration to calculate migrated sections in a simple homogeneous triclinic velocity model. The ray-theory three-component recorded wave field corresponding to reflected P, S1, S2 and converted waves is generated in the velocity model composed of two homogeneous layers separated by a curved interface. The anisotropy of the upper layer is triclinic and the bottom layer is isotropic. We apply 3-D Kirchhoff prestack depth scalar migration to single-layer velocity model with the same triclinic anisotropy as in the upper layer of the velocity model used to calculate the recorded wave field. We show and discuss the results of the migration for individual components of individual types of waves.


3-D Kirchhoff prestack depth scalar migration, anisotropic velocity model, triclinic anisotropy, elastic waves, three-component seismograms

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Seismic Waves in Complex 3-D Structures, 28 (2018), 61-84 (ISSN 2336-3827, online at