Fortran 77 package SEIS version 11

Vlastislav Cerveny
Department of Geophysics, Charles University Prague, Ke Karlovu 3, 121 16 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Ivan Psencik
Institute of Geophysics, Acad. Sci. Czech Rep., Bocni II 1401, 141 31 Praha 4, Czech Republic

Copyright note

This software package is property of its authors, is distributed in source form, and may be used free of charge. If any result obtained with help of any part of this package is published, we appreciate citation of all papers related to the used part of this package. Refer to the references related to this package.

File list of package SEIS

(A) Documentation:
guide.htm (general documentation to SEIS package)
seis.htm (documentation to seis.for)
smooth.htm (documentation to smooth.for)
raypl.htm (documentation to raypl.for)
syntpl.htm (documentation to syntpl.for)
seispl.htm (documentation to seispl.for)
polar.htm (documentation to polar.for)
(B) Files containing main programs:
seis.for (program SEIS)
smooth.for (program SMOOTH)
raypl.for (program RAYPL)
syntpl.for (program SYNTPL)
seispl.for (program SEISPL)
polar.for (program POLAR)
(C) Subroutine files:
ray.for (for seis.for)
modsp.for (for seis.for)
modis.for (for seis.for)
source.for (for raypl.for, syntpl.for)
border.for (for raypl.for, seispl.for, polar.for)
(D) Input files:
unc.h (history file for "unc" data)
seis.unc (data for seis.for)
raypl.unc (data for raypl.for)
syntx.unc (data for syntpl.for)
syntz.unc (data for syntpl.for)
seispl.unc (data for seispl.for)
polar.unc (data for polar.for)
(E) Output files:
lu1.unc (output file from seis.for, input file for raypl.for)
lu2.unc (output file from seis.for, input file for syntpl.for)
lu3x.unc (output file from syntpl.for, input file for seispl.for, polar.for)
lu3z.unc (output file from syntpl.for, input file for seispl.for, polar.for)
(F) Postscript files: (postscript file from raypl) (postscript file from seispl) (postscript file from seispl) (postscript file from polar)