Format: ISO 9660 with the Rock Ridge extensions

On this CD ROM:

General remarks on the SW3D software
Fortran 77 package FORMS version 5.60
Fortran 77 package MODEL version 5.60
Fortran 77 package CRT version 5.60
Fortran 77 package NET version 3.30
Fortran 77 package ANRAY version 4.40
Fortran 77 package FD version 5.50
Fortran package RMATRIX
Fortran package SEIS
Package DATA version 5.60 containing the demo data
Alphabetical list of input parameters of all programs
SW3D consortium WWW page on 31 May 2002 (over 120 complete papers in PS, PDF or HTML)

Crossreferences between the packages

Upper packages require lower packages connected by solid lines and can employ lower packages connected by dashed lines. NR stands for Numerical Recipes.

Please, note the possible problems referred below.

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Internet links to related WWW sites:

Current SW3D consortium WWW page
Department of Geophysics

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University
Geophysical Institute, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic